Sunday, April 27, 2008

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Focus on ADUN

Full name: Chow Kon Yeow (DAP)
Age: 49
Marital status: Married
Children: Two sons
Constituency: Tanjung, Penang
Education: B. Social Sciences (Hons) USM
Profession: Full-time politician

PENANG State Executive Councillor Chow Kon Yeow is an unassuming person – quiet, pensive and reserved.

But if you were to engage the Tanjung MP and Padang Kota state assemblyman in a discussion on politics, Chow becomes animated and his passion for the subject is rather infectious.

Born in Kuala Lumpur, this former journalist now heads the Local Government, Traffic Management and Environment Committee in the state government.

And Chow happily declares that he is a Spurs loyalist and keeps tabs on the team’s developments in news reports.

How much time to do you spend on the computer?

About an hour daily.

Do you blog?

I have been blogging on since 2006.

Do you have a website?


Do you play a musical instrument, dance or sing?

I like to sing Mandarin and Cantonese songs.

What kind of music do you listen to?

Sentimental tunes.

Name a favourite song.

Amazing Grace.

Are you into movies?

Rarely. I watch TV mostly – especially shows from Hong Kong.

What do you read?

Motivational and political-economy books.

What was the last book you read?

The World is Flat by Thomas L. Friedman.

Are you into English Premier League football?

I just follow the newspaper reports.

What’s your team?

Tottenham Hotspurs since my days in university.

Other than football, what’s your favourite sport?


What do you play?

Nowadays I don’t play sports. I go walking and hiking instead.

Who is your favourite sports star?

Basketball star Yao Ming from the Houston Rockets.

Coffee or tea?

Local black coffee or Nescafe.

What is your usual drink?

Occasionally, beer.

What languages can you speak?

English, Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin. I also speak Hokkien, Hakka and Cantonese.

Do you smoke?


What’s your favourite food?

Local hawker fare.

You have a weakness for ...


Any pets?


What car do you drive and how long have you had it?

Proton Wira for the past 3½ years.

What is your contribution to environmental conservation?

I recycle whenever possible and make sure that I turn off the lights and air conditioner when I leave the room.

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