Tuesday, May 6, 2008

CM: Expand monorail - The Star


The Penang Government wants the proposed monorail project to serve part of Butterworth via the Penang bridge if it is implemented on the island.

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said he would discuss the matter with BN Opposition whip Datuk Azhar Ibrahim and make the proposal to the Federal Government.

“It will not be fair for the people on the mainland if they don’t get the spillover effects of the development implemented in the state. They too should enjoy the monorail project. We want to ensure everyone benefited from this, not just the islanders,” he told reporters at the presentation of cash aid to 153 families whose houses were damaged and destroyed by storm at the Padang Menora community hall in Tasek Gelugor yesterday.

Each of the families received RM5,000 to repair their damaged homes.

Financial help: Lim presenting aid to (from left) Che Yah Seman, 63, Jamilah Abdullah, 53, and Robeah Hussin, 56, as others look on. Beside Lim is state executive councillor Phee Boon Poh.

On the proposal of a park and ride to complement the monorail system, Lim said the system was not necessary, as the ferry services should be improved.

“There should be a management ‘shake up’ at the Penang Port Sdn Bhd to make the services profitable,” he said.

He said the ferry services could be profitable and he did not understand why the port could not make money.

On job opportunities in the state, Lim also said there were more job opportunities being offered by investors having their operations in Penang than the number of those being retrenched.

“Workers who were retrenched were being absorbed into other factories that required skilled workers,” he said. “It is not right to say the manufacturing sector is facing a hard time based on a few retrenchment cases.”

“The fact that many jobs were being advertised in the newspapers reflected that the economic situation was good,” he said,

Lim said as of last month, the state had received a whopping RM1bil in investment.

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