Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Stop harping on petty issues and get to work, Koh tells Guan Eng - NST

GEORGE TOWN: May 27, 2008 By Audrey Dermawan

Former chief minister Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon has finally broken his silence on his views about the new state government, saying that it should concentrate on governing the island states instead of harping on petty issues.

Koh, who is also acting Gerakan president, said the new administration under Lim Guan Eng should do what it felt was best for Penang.

"He has been complaining to the press that I have no time to meet him.

"I feel he should do what he deems fit for the state and its people. There is no urgency for me to meet him at this point," he said, adding he would only meet Lim if it was necessary to do so.

Koh said the DAP had been critical of what the previous administration had done before this.

Therefore, he said it was pointless for Lim to seek an appointment to meet him.

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artic turban said...

he has a right to ask you questions, those so called "petty issues" actually are 100s of million ringgit questions, so please don't talk through your butt, the butt, or rather buck stopped with you when you were chief minister, please explain how the turf club controvesy, pgcc, batu kawan and where are all the missing files, you are answerable to a lot of questions, these 'petty isuues' as you call them are fundamental questions and if left unanswered, might very well end up with you having a change of diet, how would you like jail food, mr ex cm and future "JAILBIRD"