Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pakatan wives to pursue Bunga Tanjung debacle - Malaysiakini

By Athi Veerangan | May 6, 08 7:19pm

Not keen to pick up a public mud slugging match with a woman, Lim threw the gauntlet to Koh for answers.

"The former chief minister should answer. Koh is duty bound to clear the air over the matter," he said.

Questions to ponder over the issue are:

(1) Legally, is it not that an association can only be dissolved at an extraordinary general meeting (EGM), not at an AGM, and upon a written request for one or a certain number of members.

(2) In most cases, a 14-day notice of this EGM shall be sent to all members to validate the meeting. Was this done?

(3) After March 8, BNWs had automatically lost their membership since their husbands were no longer in power. Hence, do they still have any legal right to conduct an AGM, let alone dissolve the organisation..

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