Monday, June 16, 2008

Awaiting nod for schools - NST

GEORGE TOWN: Jun 16, 2008 By Phuah Ken Lin

The state government will urge the Education Ministry to fast-track the approval of additional national and vernacular schools to overcome the shortage of such schools.

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said there had been delays in the construction of schools after the land was handed over by the state government to the ministry.

"To make matters worse, the state government cannot reclaim the land ownership once it is given up. As such, I want the ministry to give its assurance that the construction works will start immediately after the land title is surrendered to the federal authorities," he said after opening the DAP Bayan Baru community centre here on Saturday

Lim said there had not been any new vernacular schools here for a very long time and the state administration wanted the federal government to address this matter.

Asked on the number of schools to be built, Lim said he would leave it to the ministry to decide.

He said the government should increase its allocations for new national and vernacular schools in tandem with population growth

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