Monday, June 23, 2008

More skills training centres needed - The Star

Jun 23, 2008

THE Government needs to build more skills training centres to provide training for those who failed in public examinations, Penang Deputy Chief Minister II Dr P. Ramasamy said.

He said these youths could do well in life if given the chance to get skills training.

He said he was extremely concerned, especially over those who failed in the PMR and SPM examinations.

He said this might result in them entering the job market at a young age.

“Society calls them failure because they did not pass their exams. But, success should not be measured by academic excellence alone,” Dr Ramasamy said when closing the Academic Forces’ awards presentation for high achievers at the Penang state public library in Butterworth yesterday.

Ramasamy, who is also state Economic Planning, Education and Human Resources Committee chairman, said if society did not lend them a hand, they might get involved in social ills.

He said necessary guidance and opportunities should be made available for the youths to make infor-med decisions.

He praised Academic Forces, a group of undergraduates, for their commitment in helping to nurture Indian youths to be successful in life.

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