Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Govt rewarded with 80 out of 100 marks for its practices - The Star

Jun 18, 2008 By NG SU-ANN

FEDERATION of Malaysian Manufacturers (northern branch) chairman Datuk O. K. Lee said generally, the new Penang Government was proactive and obviously trying to do its best.

“As far as its policies are concerned, they are quite sound and acceptable in line with a democratic practice. The CAT (Competency, Accountability and Transparency) principle is good.

Lee gave the government 80 marks out of 100 for its practices and 70 to 75 marks for performance.

He said the government should also be commended for appointing non-political people in the municipal councils, adding that this would lead to “a better check and balance in the system.”

He said the federation was the first group the state initiated a dialogue with after the general election.

“The new government wanted to assure us that its policies would be business-friendly.

“And when the flash floods hit Seberang Prai in May, it was there instantly to solve the problem. That's fast and efficient,” he said.

Lee said it was heartening to see that the new government chose the best people for the job regardless of their background.

Quoting former Chinese reformer Deng Xiaoping, he said: “Black cat, white cat; The one which catches the rat is the good cat.”

Malaysian Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Penang branch) president N. Gobalakrish-nan said: “Now that the government has settled down after taking over the state, it should come out with a blueprint to help the Indian community as promised during the elections.

“I know it's not easy but we hope it can be done within the next 50 days. The chamber is willing to work with the government to achieve this.”

He said the state could take the lead in developing the blueprint for other states to follow.

Penang Malay Chamber of Commerce Malaysia adviser Datuk Haji Faudzi Naim Hj Noh said: “It is not really working yet. There’s still a lot of things to be done.”

He urged the new government to strengthen and empower the people.

He agreed that the CAT principle was a good one, adding that anti-corruption efforts should be the core struggle of every government.

Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce president Tan Sri Tan Kok Ping said it was clear that the new state government was doing its best despite not having the experience in managing a state.

“I hope it will continue to fulfil what it promised the people during the elections,” he added.

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